Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Sleeping Beauties

Novelette by Robert R. Chase

Scientist tries to throw away his chance to make a name for himself so he can marry his jazz singer fiance, she breaks up with him for his own good and he goes on his 5 year mission to go where no man has gone before. Once in orbit, she confesses via email and they decide to work it out. She goes into long stasis periods coinciding with his, against the wishes of her agent. He doesn't struggle all that hard to avoid the feminine wiles of an extremely bitchy crewmate, who ends up sleeping with the head scientist to sabotage his chances at accomplishing anything. Through dumb luck he instead ends up being the only one to make any significant discovery; he and his fiance get famous and live happily ever after. Good love story, but first third is a space soap opera akin to ABC's Defying Gravity that strained my eyelid muscles. Last part is much better, although predictable. Worth reading, I wish I could meet a hot, Jazz singer/Ochestra composer who pushes me into making huge scientific discoveries. Where does one buy tickets to that lottery? 3 astronaut chemical castrations out of 5.

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