Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fading Light

Short Story by Simon Strantzas
Reprinted in Strantzas' Cold to the Touch anthology.

Two severely depressed guys wallow in self pity. But there is something weird about Jackson's new apartment. The very end annoyed me a bit with a "trick the reader" sentence, but the buildup was decently scary. This is another story where we have no idea what really happened or why, all we know is that it was something terrible. The author hints at cosmic horror here, but everything is really still a mystery. Still, I can summarize the non-mysterious part of the story with "Two guys wallow in self pity", and while it makes for a dark tale, it wears on me. And the monotone of the reader doesn't help, although I think it fits the story quite well. 3 leaking trash bags out of 5.

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