Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Small Matter, Really

Short Story by Monte Cook
A May 2011 Escape Pod Original

I'll keep this very short, because I don't want to take time on detail.
Lots of really cool ideas and a good setup. Possibly too many good ideas, including:
  • The Catholic Church of Osirus and their time travel plot
  • Aliens who think humans are gods
  • A grieving woman who will change time itself to bring back her husband
  • Time Hackers

Extremely disappointing conclusion, featuring:
  • a joke reference to the title
  • a random POV switch
  • an unjust comeuppance caused by totally random chance but written as if it were deserved
  • faux tragedy that doesn't make sense within the logic already established by the story
  • Any of the cooler plot elements introduced at the beginning
More with the church, less with the unearned Be Careful What You Wish For tragedy!
2 time hackers out of 5.

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