Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tales to Terrify #52: Damir Salkovic

Introduction:  A brief bio of Tales to Terrify cover-artist Skeet Scienski, a sales pitch for the Tales to Terrify book and Spider Robinson's workshop.  Both these pitches get a little old with the repetition but they aren't too long and they help keep the podcast afloat, so whatever.

A brief update on the mirror-universe adventures of Larry's cat lightens the mood before the one and only feature in this episode:

Triumph by Damir Salkovic: Neufeld is an amazing narrator for this story, so much so that I'm tempted to seek out his Librivox recordings.  The story itself is fun fluff.  If you like the sound of Nazi occultism with a Lovecraftian bent, you'll enjoy it.  If not, this won't convince you.  3/5

Summary:  A short, decent episode. Ten minutes of dull fluff before getting to the good stuff is not too much for me (particularly from Larry Santoro), but if it is, there's always the fast-forward button.

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