Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Short story by James Van Pelt

Meghan is a hydroponics engineer on a 4000 year long trip to another planet who only wakes up for a few weeks every hundred years. Technology isn't really tested over such a long period and everything that gave her any comfort eventually vanishes while nothing on the ship works quite as well as they'd planned. Interlaced with this is a Jack London style story of a miner trying to survive a harsh winter in an isolated cabin. The miner leaves a sort of message-in-a-bottle that Meghan ends up with.

The two are tied together very nicely and there is an enormous amount of sadness and tension through the whole thing. The imagery is wonderful, especially at the end where, as the title implies, Meghan finally finds peace. Each thread is a good story in it's own right, but the juxtaposition of the two really works. A wonderful 5 out of 5.

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Jim Van Pelt said...

I just noticed this review of the story. Thanks for you comments. I'm glad it worked for you.