Sunday, March 7, 2010

Union Dues: The Threnody of Johnny Torkuo

Short Story by Jeffrey R. DeRego, read by Stephen Eley

A gay, teenage super hero debates coming out to his friends and his crush on one particularly oblivious member of the team. He also struggles to keep his powers under control when external stresses amplify is internal turmoil.

This is not only a part of the Union Dues series, but a part of the Team Shikaragaki subseries. Yet another series I haven't read or listened to, but the rest of the subseries are available here.

Very well done and tactful. Johnny manages to have a crush on another guy without Gay Superhero being his entire character. His various emotional scars and tragic history are well done, and I'm glad that the obvious, but uncomfortable option his teammate T.K. brings up is dealt with, rather than ignored. Overall this is a bittersweet little story about unrequited love, it's good, but it isn't great; 3.5 out of 5.

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