Thursday, March 25, 2010

Podcasts: January 2010

Escape Pod (2.5)
On the Human Plan by Jay Lake: 2

PseudoPod (3.4)

Starship Sofa (3.8)

The Escape Artists podcasts didn't do so hot this month. Escape Pod wasn't even worth my time, the most memorable thing from it was the setting (which I liked) of my least favorite story: Protocols. Podcastle had my absolute favorite story with End of the Empire, but were more misses than hits. Still I keep coming back to them because every once in a while they publish the stories I love the most. Pseudopod was the most consistent, and even though I didn't like The Tamga, I don't feel cheated. Blessed Days and Turning the Apples are both still stories I can't shake, and while not the top of my list, being enjoyable and memorable is worth something. I think Pseudopod is the most consistently good of the three.

Overall, Clarkesworld had a very good month, and there is a reason they win awards. Starship Sofa was very consistent, with stories I really enjoyed, but never sinking below a high level "meh", unlike some of the other podcasts. The articles on the Sofa were off and on, but the good ones were worth it.

Overall Fiction Favorites:
1: The Things
2: Another End of the Empire
3: The Good Detective

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