Saturday, January 22, 2011

Little M@tch Girl

Short Story by Heather Shaw
Read for Escape Pod by Mur Lafferty

A couple of party girls take drugs and go out every night. One day, Em's father loses his job and his pension, and her college hopes are scuttled. She has to take a low-paying, low class "jacker" job to support her family instead. When she finally get a vacation, she gets back together with her friend, they take some more drugs, and there are terrible consequences this time.

It feels like the story wants to be about class differences, particularly relating to the types of drugs, and the effects of them, as they differ by financial/social class. But really it comes across as just an overly long, weird warning against doing drugs.

For one thing, I'd have liked a bit more resonance with the original Little Match Girl (text on wikisource). But the writing was good, and I have no real complaints other than a general lack of story or depth. 3 out of 5 m@tches are needed to get a good fl@me.

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