Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Speed of Dreams

Short Story by Will Ludwigsen

Paige is a pre-teen girl taking the easiest science class. The entire story is told through a rambling lab report she writes about her experiments on how fast her dog runs in its sleep, and the time dilation in sleep as compared to real life. But it is really a story about her difficulty talking to Austin, the boy she likes, and dealing with the long downward spiral and impending death of her grandmother.

I like fiction literally about science as a definition of "science fiction", so that made me happy. And Ludwigsen captured the tone and concern of a little girl very well. This is a well written story in an interesting form. Kind of funny, but ends surprisingly tragically. Lots of emotion here, and a neat concept with good writing, but little depth beyond that concept.

4 greyhounds out of 5 always win their dream races, duh.

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