Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Bear In The Cable-Knit Sweater

Short Story by Robert T. Jeschonek.
Read for PodCastle by Cheyenne Wright, with echo effects.

The story opens with our narrator surrounded by an army of tutu-wearing circus bears in a colosseum filled with fairies. Fortunately, we then flash back to see how he got there. It all started when his boyfriend disappeared one morning...
The entire story is an extension of a lame pun, bears vs. bears.

A story of rising up and standing up for yourself against (extremely bizarre) oppression. But really, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Basically just a long vehicle for a really really weird premise, based on a pun. The story begins and ends with an enjoyably absurd image, but it could really use a little more... well anything. Not a whole lot of character development, or plot, or setting, or anything. And as I said before, this is about as straightforward as you can get while still not making any sense.

Still, it does end on a neat image, and Wright's reading was fun and funny.
2 tutu-clad bears out of 5.

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