Friday, February 4, 2011

Schrödinger’s Cat Lady

Short Story by Marjorie James
An Escape Pod original, text and audio reading by Mur Lafferty free online.

Eleanor is an animal control officer sent to investigate complaints of a woman having too many cats. As you might guess from the title, determining exactly how many she has gets to be a bit complicated. Largely Eleanor just goes to the lady's house, sees a bunch of weird shit and physics jokes, leaves, comes back, leaves, and then we get a totally out-of-nowhere conclusion. Different in tone from the rest of the story, but also events out of nowhere, and a resolution to a problem out of nowhere with no real resolution to the main problem.

This was light, nerdy fun, with a surprisingly dark twist, but it left me unsatisfied. Amused but unsatisfied.
3 cats out of 5 might be able to walk through walls, but only those who read Heinlein.

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