Friday, March 11, 2011

Black Fire

Short Story by Tanith Lee
Published in Text and Audio, Free at Lightspeed, January 2011

Long series of uselessly brief partial witness statements from a police report. Used to tell a kind of dumb story that goes nowhere (other than increasingly obvious allusions), and made confusing by an unhelpful and obnoxious numbering system for the witnesses (A numbers are males, E numbers are females, and if I've spoiled the whole story for you with that bit, well you'd have been pissed off three paragraphs in like I was).

The numbering of witnesses makes the story obvious and makes the writing more obnoxious, although I didn't otherwise mind the voice. The story neither makes sense, nor tries to say anything. It doesn't horrify, it doesn't describe emotion, it doesn't make me think. And it didn't entertain me either. It just left me vaguely annoyed.

1.5 sexed-up witnesses out of 5.

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