Saturday, March 12, 2011

Long Enough and Just So Long

Short Story by Cat Rambo

Two women fight over a man. Except they live on the moon, in a domed colony, and the man in question is a sex-bot. There is some barely-explained background about a gate which new technology seems to fall out of and spaceships and acid rain, but really the entire story is about these girls stalking, befriending, and being rejected by a sex bot.

I don't really like the title, it would be entirely irrelevant except for a phrase added on to the end seemingly to justify the title. Honestly, I spent the whole story waiting for the inevitable penis joke that never came. I'm not sure if I'm relieved or disappointed, but I don't think the title fits at all.

Really, not much happened, and there aren't really deeper themes beyond friendship. Rambo has a world that seems interesting enough, but this story could happen without it. The SF trappings are only that, but the story isn't poorly written.

3 emancipated sex-bots out of 5.

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