Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Woman Leaves Room

Short Story by Robert Reed
Published free in text and audio, Lightspeed March 2011

An AI represents itself as a man standing in a room. It sees people interacting with it as standing in the hallway, or coming in to talk. It was created, with love, by a woman who had lost her husband and wanted to use his memories to bring back something like him. But one day the beautiful woman walks out on the AI that loves her, and he waits for her to come back.

Also good for some deep thoughts on time and waiting forever. I really like this Reed story, the strange way the AI thinks makes it interesting, and it really explores what it means to be an AI, and not even realize it until well into your lifespan. So one of the more fun protagonists, and plenty of thoughts to chew on, with a gooey emotional core.

A heartbreaking story of an AI in love, and the future history of the universe.

4 corrupted haystack files out of 5.

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